Now More Than Ever


It’s October, which means it’s Pastor Appreciation Month. This year, perhaps more than ever, clergy and other members of the ministry team deserve our thanks.

They’ve had to figure out alternative methods to offer worship opportunities, Bible study, and other types of learning (such as confirmation instruction). Even for congregations who were able to resume in-person services early on, adjustments have been required.

So many obstacles, and so much uncharted territory. Kudos to all.

We’re always honored to be able to help our customers convey thanks to clergy in a tangible way with our personalized pastor appreciation plaques. In 2020, it means even more to us, too. Like so many small businesses across the country, it has been a real struggle.

Thanks to those of you who have trusted us to help you thank your ministry team members. Now more than ever!

Personalized Pastor Appreciation Plaques from The Christian Gift

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