Who’s Your Furry Friend?


I just read that May 6-14 is National Pet Week. Actually, that’s more than a week but I guess nobody’s counting. 🙂

Our cat will tell you that, in this house, EVERY week is National Pet Week. More accurately, every week is celebrate Pickles week, because – well, she’s a cat, after all!

She adopted us nearly two years ago, after showing up on our doorstep as a starving youngster at about six months old. She stayed for a few days that first time, then began stopping by ever few weeks. Eventually, that turned into every day……and the rest is history. Having lost our sweet kitty to old age just before we moved to Idaho, we were planning on getting a kitten, but weren’t going to move forward with that until our new house was completed. This little feline had other ideas. “Skip the kitten, go with me instead, and how about doing it now?”

Though none of this went according to plan, we’re happy to have been able to help her, and she, in turn, has become a treasured member of the household.


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