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Jackson Falls – Jackson, NH

This week we travel to Jackson, New Hampshire, in the heart of the White Mountains. There you’ll find the lovely waterfall pictured here.

Jackson Falls is interesting in due to its horizontal orientation (as you can see, the water doesn’t fall from great heights but instead gently cascades) and because it’s located near the center of town right next to a main road.

Unfortunately, this scene doesn’t lend itself to being photographed. With easy access you get a lot of people at all hours. Also, the setting is challenging in that there’s a second road nearby which is tough to keep out of the shot.

When in Jackson, I usually stop here. Sometimes I’ll take my lunch break sitting next to the water. Typically I don’t even take my camera out of the bag.

On this autumn day, I almost skipped the falls. It had begun to rain, with heavier precipitation in the forecast. Already mid-afternoon, I figured I’d wrap up and head back to the other side of the mountains to swap my damp clothes for something dry. On an impulse, though, I drove by. Now raining steadily, there was no one in sight. Flat light + zero people = good potential for a photo opportunity!

Even with a rain cover it was a challenge keeping my equipment dry. Sticking close to an oak tree in an attempt to shield the camera, I included one of its branches in the frame to complement the left-to-right alignment of the cascades and eliminate clutter from the composition. Though its leaves had barely turned color, it didn’t matter.

The image was used for one of our service appreciation plaques:

To see the entire collection, follow the link:

Personalized Service Appreciation Plaques

Meantime, enjoy your weekend! Stop by again next Saturday to see where we travel next.

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