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This week we travel to the Atlantic coast at Rye, New Hampshire.

The last five years I lived in the Granite State, I spent many an early morning at the coast with my camera in search of interesting skies at daybreak. When the tide was low and winds were calm, I would head over to a huge tidal pool to see what kind of composition I could make. If the water level was high, my options were more limited. I had a few spots from which I could shoot, but they were many miles removed from one another – so I had to make a decision in terms of which way to go while the skies were still quite dark, and had to stick with my selection for better or worse. There would not be time to change my mind and move on to an alternate spot.

This photograph was made on a cold April morning when the tide was near its peak and the wind was brisk. I’d decided to take my chances at Rye Harbor State Park. I didn’t have a lot of room to maneuver since the water was so high. I knew the beach was going to be a non-starter since all of the tidal pools would be underwater. Instead, I made my way out to the benches on higher ground at the tip of Ragged Neck thinking I could use one of them to anchor the shot.

It looked at first like the sky might fill with color; there were clouds everywhere, and the horizon remained clear. Eureka! However, as the minutes ticked by and sunrise neared, it became clear that the sky overhead was more than likely not going to be painted in hues of pink. Still, I saw a break in the clouds through which some color was visible. I┬ápositioned myself to align that opening overhead with the bench – and made the picture.

While the morning wasn’t as colorful as I had expected when I first arrived, I was happy with the result; the subtlety ended up being a better fit for the composition. Solitude!

This image was used in one of our service appreciation plaques:

Follow the link below to see the entire collection.

Personalized Service Appreciation Plaques

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