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We are oh-so-near the longest day of the year! The summer solstice is Tuesday, June 20th.

I’m a morning person, and I like light – so the long days of summer are in my wheelhouse. That said, those¬†really¬†long days make photographing at the edges both in the morning and at night a wee bit exhausting!

This week, we travel back to my adoptive state of New Hampshire, where this image was made – on one of those very early summer mornings.

In the darkness before dawn when the tide was low and the air calm, you’d find me at this large tidal pool in Rye – hoping for good color as sunrise neared. During the longest days of the year, that would mean I’d leave my house at 3:45am in order to be set up and ready to shoot by 4:30am (if there was going to be any color, the best of it was typically 30-40 minutes prior to sunrise).

The sleep deprivation wasn’t all that fun if the conditions didn’t pan out. However, there were mornings that were simply magical. This was one of them. Things could have gone either way; there was quite a bit of cloud cover. Still, the color managed to punch through. A long exposure blurred the ocean beyond the pool, contrasting nicely with the still water in the foreground.

How I miss the ocean!

This photograph was used in one of our service appreciation plaque designs:

Stop by next Saturday to see where in the world we go next!

Enjoy your weekend.

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