Personalized Keepsakes for Mom – Mother’s Day is May 14


Mother’s Day is just around the corner!

The inspiration for our personalized keepsakes for mothers came from my own dear, sainted mom. She suffered a massive stroke when I was still in college, never regaining the use of her left arm, and only partial use of her left leg. This woman who had been an accomplished seamstress (she made nearly all of my clothes when I was a child) could no longer sew – nor could she create any more of her lovely embroidered handwork. Gone were her delicious meals and trademark scrumptious baked goods. Worse, for the last ten years of her life she was bedridden.

Still, she found ways to surprise me.

One day, many moons ago, she presented me with this little trinket:

As I recall, a friend of hers had seen these somewhere, told my mom about them, and Mom asked the friend if she wouldn’t mind picking up two of them for her – one for me, and one for my sister. This wasn’t given in conjunction with my birthday… was one of those “just because” gifts. It probably cost a couple bucks – if that – yet it’s among the dearest of my possessions, and sits in my office next to a photograph of my mother and me taken just before she got sick.

I look at this and think about how it goes both ways – and then some – for my mother is in my heart forever. Her influence, her advice, her friendship….she remains with me even though she left this earth many years ago.

That bond I shared with her inspired our collection of keepsakes for mothers.

If you’d like to give your mom something tangible to remind her of your special bond, I invite you to browse our designs. These are created using premium inks and papers along with museum quality matboard – so years from now, when your mother is admiring the plaque you presented to her, it’ll still look great.

One of our Personalized Mother’s Day Keepsakes

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