Morning by Morning


Are you a morning person – or a night owl?

I’m definitely in the former camp. My preference for the beginning of the day has only been magnified since I started making landscape photographs. When I lived in New Hampshire’s Seacoast, it was much easier to make daybreak images than those after sunset. End-of-the-day locations within close proximity to my house were hard to come by. On the other hand, a thirty minute drive would have me on the Atlantic coast. Boom! Done.

Now that I’m based in Eastern Idaho, I wish I could say I have some good “edge of the day” spots reasonably close to home from which to work. As yet, I haven’t found any.

That said, sometimes the view right outside my back door can be pretty special. I didn’t have my camera out when I looked outside and saw this the other day – so grabbed the phone instead.

Winter sunrise in eastern Idaho
Winter sunrise in eastern Idaho


“Morning by morning new mercies I see…”

There are so many great Scripture verses – as well as verses within hymns (like the line above from Great is Thy Faithfulness) that always pop into my head when I see a wonderful scene play out just before the sun comes up.

Especially when the days are long, photographing early in the morning can cut into the sleep schedule – but it’s a price worth paying!

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