Flowers Appear on the Earth


Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come…
Song of Solomon 2:12

Spring is my favorite time of year. Yes, the weather can be erratic as the tug-of-war between seasons plays out. Still, we know the warmer temperatures will win in the end, and with the milder weather the landscape will come back to life – sometimes in a very flamboyant manner! Forsythia, azaleas and rhododendron put on lovely displays. Flowering trees fill with blooms. Daffodils and tulips pop out of our gardens. Stunning!

One of the things I miss most about my yard in New Hampshire are the three beautiful flowering crab trees I had: two with white blooms, and the third was fuchsia. (I have quite a fondness for flowering crabs, having planted at least one at each of my homes.) I looked forward to the “show” every year, and nearly every spring you would find me out there with the camera, looking for different ways to capture images of the delicate flowers.

I now live in a climate that is not particularly hospitable to flowering trees and shrubs. Disappointing. I’m glad to have the images I made of my lovely trees…

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