Personalized Christian Gifts – New Views


Great news for those of you who’ve asked for a better look at our personalized Christian gifts! We’ve revamped the product views of our artwork to enable you to see more detail in each design. In addition, you can now see each of the pieces in the various frames from which you can choose.

Should I choose the black frame? Would I like it better in walnut? What about gold – or white? Now you won’t have to wonder.

(Note: we’ve matched the frame choices to the artwork to make sure your finished product looks great. For example, if a design has a great deal of black in it, the walnut frame might not enhance the art. In that case, we’ll offer you other choices to ensure a good match.)

We hope this assists you as you browse through our plaques – and makes it easier to select the design that’s the perfect fit.

New Product View of our Personalized Christian Gifts


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