Keepsakes for Children – Religious Christmas Gifts for Children


All sorts of items make wonderful gifts. We’ve all no doubt received some great presents from people over the years.

But every so often, a gift is particularly cherished because is of its sentimental value. It’s special because of who gave it to us – or who made it – or because it commemorates something important – or for some other significant reason.

Sometimes a gift we give may become a keepsake, even if it wasn’t necessarily intended as such.

My mother made this cross-stitch bedtime prayer for my room when I was very young:

I wonder if she had any inkling then that I would still have it so many years later (and long after she passed away). It’s no longer decorating a wall, but it is among my most treasured keepsakes.

In fact, it was her artwork that inspired our own collection of personalized bedtime prayers.

One of our Personalized Bedtime Prayer Plaques for Children

With Christmas fast approaching, you might be thinking about gift ideas for a special baby or toddler. Our bedtime prayer plaques look great on the nursery wall. They come in a variety of designs and colors.

And you never know, the plaque you give may just end up becoming a precious keepsake…just like the bedtime prayer my mom gave to me once upon a time.

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