Psalm 118:27


The Lord is God, and he has made his light shine upon us.
Psalm 118:27 

Good morning!

As daybreak gets earlier and earlier, it’s now just after 4am when I must hit the road to get myself over to the shore and in position for daybreak shoots. That said, now that the persistent pre-dawn chill seems finally to have left us and I’ve been able to ditch the gloves, earmuffs and winter jacket to work at the edge of the day, the lack of sleep and very early hour don’t bother me.

The sky today didn’t pick up the kind of color I’d thought it might, but even when I don’t have the opportunity to make an image I’ll use later, watching the sky brighten while the lobster boats head out isn’t exactly the worst way to start the day.

Odiorne Point – Rye, New Hampshire


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