Pastor Appreciation Gift Ideas


Though Pastor Appreciation month is much later in the year (October), any time is a good time to say thank you. 

Customers purchase our personalized pastor appreciation plaques literally all year long. Congregations use them as a way to say thank you; so do individuals and families. 

Many churches combine their celebration of an installment anniversary with pastor appreciation…which of course can take place any time during the year. 

Congregations give them as gifts to commemorate special occasions in the lives of their pastors…such as when a clergy member is taking on a new role. They also use them in conjunction with special congregational events: for example, as a church celebrates a milestone anniversary, it’s a nice time to also express gratitude to the ministry staff. 

We’ve had people give them to clergy as a thank you following confirmation instruction, or as a token of thanks when a ministry team member has accepted a call and is leaving to serve in another location. 

The uses are varied! 

One thing is certain: personalized pastor appreciation plaques are not just for pastor appreciation month!

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