In case you didn’t hear about this…

Something interested took place at Liberty High School in South Carolina last week. In case you didn’t read about or see the story, here’s an excerpt from Christian News’s report:

A high school valedictorian from South Carolina ripped up his approved speech on stage this past weekend, and minutes later, delivered the Lord’s Prayer in defiance of the school district’s decision to no longer include prayer at graduation ceremonies.

Roy Costner IV drew loud applause and cheers when he surprised attendees of the Liberty High School graduation at Clemson’s Littlejohn Colliseum on Saturday.

Apparently the Pickens School District caved after repeated pressure from the ACLU and at least one complaint filed by the “Freedom From Religion Foundation.”

Especially these days, it takes courage to stand up against this kind of attack. There’s no end to what the ruling class can do to a person who chooses to defy it.

Good for this kid!

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