Nature’s Schedule


Spring appears to have finally decided to stick around here in my neck of the woods.

(It’s hard to be impatient about its late arrival knowing¬†some folks in the midsection of the country were watching yet more snow fall yesterday.)

Of course, nature doesn’t watch the calendar the way we do! Last year, spring arrived quite early in my area. This year, she’s taken her time.

The crab tree which sits just outside my front door looked like this yesterday:

This is what it looked like last year on April 23rd:

Quite a difference!

Once the process gets underway, though, it’s amazing how quickly things progress. The first crocus in my garden blossomed early last week; by the following day, four more had joined it.¬†

Those brand new buds on the crab tree will likely become full-fledged leaves in another 10 days or so.

I love spring! There’s nothing like watching everything burst back into life…and the flowering shrubs and trees are beautiful sights.


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