Morning Glory


Morning glory is the best name….

To which I add an enthusiastic YES!

I admit, if you’re a morning person (which I am), it’s a little easier to perceive an early start to the day as refreshing. 🙂

Even so, early mornings get very, very early by mid-summer when it comes to photographing the beginning of the day. I may be an early riser but that 3:45 wake-up time is tough. However, once I’m on location, I’m usually glad to be there. Naturally, the “gladness factor” is greater if the conditions look ripe for making a good image!

On the morning pictured above, it was pretty but the very low tide made it difficult to compose a good shot. Though I often shoot at this location near Rye, New Hampshire, and know ahead of time what the tides are going to be like on a given day, the scene always varies. There can be no “set” composition. I have a general idea what I’m going to try to do, but it’s always somewhat up in the air. Some days it works; on others, it doesn’t. It keeps things interesting, I suppose…

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