Won’t You Please Linger, Autumn?


How I wish the beautiful autumn color would linger just a little bit longer!!

Photographing the landscape always seems like a race against time during this especially lovely season.

Then again, the fact that the colors are fleeting might be part of what makes them so special.

The show in my neck of the woods is almost over and peak color has been gone from the White Mountains for over a week. The memories of what I saw, though, will last through the winter and beyond – as always.

The image above was made in Bartlett, New Hampshire earlier this month. The entire day had been drizzly, making for exceptionally saturated, vivid color. It also made it possible to shoot throughout the day since the light was nice and flat.

However, by mid-afternoon when I found these three young trees, it was pouring. I would have liked to have spent some time at this location playing with the composition, but not at the risk of doing damage to my equipment. This shot was all I was able to walk away with.

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