The Wings of the Dawn


This verse from the Book of Psalms is a favorite of mine.

And after many, many mornings hitting the road in the pre-dawn darkness in search of early morning color at the shore, the conditions finally were such late last week that I was able to make an image that I think is a good match for that passage.

New Hampshire doesn’t have much coastline (about 18 miles) but what we lack in quantity we make up for in quality. It’s especially pretty when the sky is painted with rich color about 30 minutes before the sun comes up.

The problem with shooting at dawn over the Atlantic this far north, though, is the fact that nine times out of ten, the sky isn’t very colorful. In fact, it’s often kind of “blah.”

The water is cold – even in the middle of the summer – so cloud production is hindered. Without some clouds in the sky, there’s not much interesting color. (Unlike, for example, Florida – where early morning color is much more of a given.)

You might be wondering why, if that’s the case, do I continue to try my luck at the shore? Why not shoot the sunrise somewhere inland? Because it’s heavily forested in this area, there aren’t that many locations offering the combination of a good view of the sky plus an interesting composition within reasonable proximity to my home. So the shore and I….well, we continue to be joined at the hip!

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