Chirp, Chirp – New Arrivals!


The birdhouse we have on our deck is home every year to a new pair of little feathered friends who move in and welcome their babies. I enjoy watching them prepare the nest, and later as they take food in to their youngsters. Prolific singers, they perch each day on the “chimney” of their house – or on the deck railing – making beautiful music.

There’s also an active nest each year in one (and sometimes both) of my Rose of Sharon.

I’ve been hearing faint chirps coming from the latter for about a week now…so the other day, I wondered if I could get a peek at the new arrivals. The plant is quite dense, and I didn’t want to scare them by disturbing any of the branches, but looking up from underneath I got a good look at the handsomely built nest – and two little babies!

Aren’t they sweet?

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