White Mountain Lupine Festival


I look forward every year to the lupine festival in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

The fields are carpeted in shades of purple, blue, pink and white – along with many interesting hybrids. The mountains are beautiful shades of green…the deep hues of the conifers punctuating the lovely limes of the season’s new deciduous leaves. (The black flies and ticks are out in force, too, but there’s bug spray for that!)

The little village of Sugar Hill, one of my favorite places in the mountains, boasts some wonderful lupine viewing!

The blooms have opened up already in some fields; I went up yesterday to have a look around. It’ll probably be at least another week until things are in full swing…which coincides nicely with the festival dates this year: June 1-17.

If you live in New England, consider a field trip to the festival. It’s a beautiful sight.

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