Morning Glory


I’ve had more fruitless early morning photographic sessions at the coast than I want to think about. Cold ocean temperatures (even in the summer) scuttle a lot of cloud formations, which in turn makes for lackluster pre-sunrise color.

On the morning pictured below, I had the opposite situation: too many clouds!

Since it was nearly completely overcast 45 minutes prior to sunrise (if the conditions are right, the most colorful and therefore best time to shoot), I hung around to wait for the sun to come up to see what might happen.

A narrow horizontal slit opened at the horizon just prior to sunrise, allowing for some pinks and magentas to appear before the sun itself came into view. Those warm hues contrasted nicely with the bluish-gray cast of both the water and the clouds. Ten minutes later, the sun was obscured by total overcast and it was all over.

Though I didn’t walk away with a “keeper,” it was still a pretty morning in its own way.

It’s hard for me to watch these sorts of scenes unfolding without thinking about what the Bible tells us: His mercies are new every morning!


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