End of Year Teacher Gift – Sunday School, Parochial School


When I was a little girl in the first years of elementary school, my mother would help me pick a bouquet of peonies from our garden early each June to take to my teacher during the last week of classes.

We had beautiful peonies. Large plants and prolific bloomers,¬†they’d been transplanted from Nebraska. When the family moved to Illinois, Mom brought some of her prized plants along and they thrived for many years in their new home.

I had those long-ago bouquets in mind when designing our collection of personalized teacher appreciation plaques.

Some educators make such a mark of us that we remember them for a lifetime. And parents certainly recognize the teachers who bring out the very best in their children.

As the school year comes to a close, you might want to convey thanks to a special teacher. Our personalized teacher appreciation plaques are one such way to say “thank you” with a tangible keepsake. Religious-themed, they’re especially appropriate for Sunday School and parochial school teachers.

You can see them all here.


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