3 Budget-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas


If you’re like many people, you’re starting to formulate your Christmas gift list. Or if you’re super organized, you may have already begun shopping.

(My mother used to shop throughout the year; she’d keep her eyes peeled for bargains, pick things up as appropriate, and stash them in the attic for safekeeping until Christmas. It was a smart, frugal approach – and also a little funny as she’d occasionally hide items so well she’d have a hard time finding them!)

Either way, with the economy stubbornly lethargic, most of us are looking to stretch our dollars as much as possible.

Are unique, fine-quality gifts simply out of reach this year?


At The Christian Gift, we’ve got dozens of distinctive, artisan-crafted gifts to choose from…all for under $40.

Idea 1 – Inspirational Fine Art
Select the “unframed” option and get it for under $40
Original art (you won’t find these anywhere else), created one-at-a-time using fine quality, archival materials. That means matboard won’t yellow. Papers and inks are conservation grade.
34 Designs to Choose From

Browse the Inspirational Fine Art Collection

Idea 2 – Personalized, Custom-Created Wall Art
Select the “unframed” option and get it for under $30
Original art, custom-created to include your personalization. Fine quality archival materials mean you can count on them to maintain their good looks over time.
Dozens of Designs to Choose From

Browse the Friendship Collection (you’ll find many more ideas in other gift categories, too)

Idea 3 – Artisan Designed Swarovski Crystal Earrings
Ranging from $12 to $20
If you’ve looked at jewelry lately, you know prices have gone up, up, UP!
Be kind to your pocketbook with these lovely designs.

Browse the Jewelry Collection

You can still purchase high quality, unique gifts without breaking the budget!

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