Power Status


This autumn has been unusual here in New England; until last week, it had been unusually warm – and because we still hadn’t had a killing frost,┬ámany trees were still full of leaves.

Then came Saturday’s Nor’easter. That, too, was unusual in that it dumped snow on a region that doesn’t normally experience measurable accumulation until December.

The combination of snow and vegetation that was still leafed out was extremely damaging. All through the night one could hear violent sounds as huge branches (and sometimes entire trees) snapped under the weight of the heavy, wet snow.

Millions lost power.

Still this Monday morning we are without power in the studio – and our phones are also down. (I’m sitting at a McDonald’s at the moment to get online.) You can still shop – we will begin fulfilling your orders just as soon as we’re operational again. Thanks for your patience.

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