On Burdens


An email has been making the rounds…I just received it again recently and thought it worth sharing here. If you haven’t seen this, it’s a wonderful “point to ponder,” as Readers’ Digest used to say.

(There’s no note regarding who originally created the graphics and sentiment so I cannot credit it. If any of you hapeens to know who authored this, please note via the comments so his or her name can be attached.)

We see a number of people struggling under the weight of heavy crosses…

One of them stops, asks for, and receives help from above.

This lightened load helps, but not for long. It’s still too heavy! He stops again and asks that more be cut. Having further reduced the weight, he thanks the Lord and proceeds on his way.

He runs into trouble ahead, however.

His fellow travelers come up with a solution:


Great illustration of the challenges life throws our way. They may just be preparing us for some as-yet unseen “bump in the road” (or worse).

As this little story summarizes, “God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage.”

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