Lightning Strikes Twice – in a Big, Beautiful Way


As a photographer, I can tell you that sometimes you can wait, wait, wait (for the right light, or for better conditions) or visit the same location over and over again (again the light and conditions) trying to make a good photograph.

Then there are times when the shot falls into your lap.

Chicago Tribune photographer Chris Sweda had one of those “right place at the right time” moments last night in downtown Chicago. He was on location at the Hancock Tower to get a shot or two of the official debut of the new Trump Tower spire (by the way, the Trump Tower is stunning – and a vast improvement over the architectural disaster known as the Sun-Times Building which used to occupy that site).

Sweda got those shots – and a lot more – as a violent storm blew through the city.

Today his shot of simultaneous lightning strikes (on the Trump Tower and Willis Tower…formerly known as the Sears Tower) are making the rounds literally worldwide.

Check it out:

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