Intimate Landscapes


As an outdoor¬†photographer, one of the things I particularly enjoy is shooting macro subjects. Not only does this type of work allow for great creativity (I’d argue that it requires it), it’s also great in that it’s always available. You need not travel great distances to find potential locations. You can often shoot in weather or light that wouldn’t otherwise be ideal. Subject matter is abundant; you don’t have to look any further than your own backyard.

Even when I’m on location with landscape images in mind, if conditions aren’t suitable I may find myself switching to my macro lens and looking for smaller, more intimate subject matter.

This past weekend was wet and overcast in my part of the world. No drenching downpours…just periods of light rain and drizzle. As I returned home from running errands and pulled in to the garage, the leaves of my Autumn Joy sedum caught my eye; full of large water droplets, they took on a lovely silver cast.

I grabbed my camera and tripod and got ready to go to work Рwhen I noticed something even more interesting. The leaves of a specimin day lily located near the sedum were covered with hundreds upon hundreds of droplets. Some clung to the leaves in ways that defied gravity! While the sedum is what initially caught my eye, it was the day lily leaves that were spectacular.

One of the images from that shoot is above. Following is more of what I captured:

As Swedish photographer Hans Strand said, “Personally, I find great pleasure in shooting intimate landscapes. Wherever you are in the world, it’s possible to find magic in a few square meters.”

How true!

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