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Remember the long way that the Lord your God has led you.
Deuteronomy 8:2

It’s not uncommon for landscape photographers to hike for miles,contend with less than desirable weather along the way, and do a lot of waiting in order to get just one shot.
Ironically, there are occasions when the photo that’s made isn’t the one the photographer intended to capture when first setting out.

The conditions may be less than desirable, the weather doesn’t hold – you name it – the outcome is never a sure thing. In my many years of shooting, I’ve learned to be patient, to have an open mind, and to adapt.
After hours of slogging through underbrush or muck or navigating a treacherous hike…or after starting the day well before dawn in below-freezing temperatures…it’s fantastic to be rewarded with something special. 

It might be a particularly vibrant sunrise, a scene I’ve never seen before, an unexpected opportunity to make an image I hadn’t planned on, or a scouting trip that reaps unexpected dividends.

Sometimes the best surprises are when places I’ve been dozens of times take on a magical appearance. The light and the weather and the time of day come together to create a fleeting scene – one that won’t ever be recreated in exactly the same way – and I get to see it.

Those words from the Book of Deuteronomy come to mind. Perhaps I was led to that spot…?

I’ve got favorite places all across the United States I enjoy shooting, some of which I return to over and over again. Many I’ve found on my own. Some have been recommended by others.
What about you? What favorite places are at the top of your list?

When it comes to the best places to view the grand show called “nature,” what do you recommend? Is it a state or national park? A national forest? A favorite stretch of the shore? Is it close to your home – or somewhere you’ve been on vacation?

Care to share your recommendations? 

Send them to me here:

I’ll let you know what some of everyone’s favorites are in the next newsletter. We may all find out about some cool new “best places!”

Meantime, you can see some of my favorite places at my photography website, which includes some of the 2009 portfolio. 


You may recognize some of what you see there; many of those images have been incorporated into The Christian Gift product designs.

Go enjoy that ‘grand show’ also known as the great outdoors – it’s playing daily and it’s as close as the other side of your window. It’s free and it’s fabulous!

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