USPS Rate Increase


Unfortunately, the United States Postal Service has again raised rates – and this increase is significant.┬áNot only is the hike for a first-class (forever) stamp the highest in USPS history at 10%, but the cost to ship via Priority Mail will increase nearly 6%.

Obviously, this impacts all online retail businesses and their customers. That said, it hits small retailers like The Christian Gift much harder, because we don’t have the volume to secure shipping discounts.

Though our materials costs have increased, we’ve held our retail prices steady for many years – in part because shipping costs have increased so dramatically over the same time period.

Like you, we are frustrated by this turn of events. We continually monitor rates with other shippers (UPS Ground, FedEx Ground). To date, these options continue to be even more expensive than the postal service.

We’ll continue to do everything we can to control this aspect of our business.

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