Important News About USPS Proposed Rate Increases


The postal service is AGAIN requesting a rate increase, effective January 18th if approved.

This will raise the price of commercial priority mail packages by an average of just over 6%, and comes on the heels of a whopping 9.8% increase last year.

Though our materials costs (on matboard, frames, glazing, ink, etc.) have been steadily going up, we’ve held the line on our retail prices for many years – primarily in an effort to offset these crippling shipping increases.

The postal service routinely hits packages weighing between 1 and 2 pounds severely. Since everything we ship falls in that range, it means each item we sell is impacted.

Never have we used shipping as a revenue generator. You pay what USPS charges us to ship your package and not a dime more.

Increases like this can drive small mail-based ventures like ours out of business. At some point, the postal service fee will become so high in relation to the price of the product you’re contemplating buying you’ll wonder if it’s worth completing the purchase. I have had discussions with people at the Postmaster General’s office about this previously, and will do so again. Add up all the small businesses in America and it represents a significant percentage of the USPS’s business. They don’t seem to appreciate the fact that they are biting the hand that feeds them; in the long run, this will backfire – making future increases inevitable.

I don’t expect much to come from the effort but will continue to try.

Please know that we will continue to do whatever we can to keep our products affordable.

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