The Calm Before…..


Well, I don’t know if it’s exactly a storm – but in just a few short weeks the pace will pick up for many!

School will be starting again. Along with classes come the many associated activities like sports and marching band. Lessons. Scouting.

Many churches who take a summer break from choir, Sunday School, and a variety of other programs, will be resuming regular schedules shortly. And so it goes…

While, like you, I see a flurry of activity right around the corner when I look at the calendar, I’m reminding myself to take full advantage of the wonderful weeks of summer which remain.

From a photographic perspective, I’m hoping to add to the summer portfolio before we turn the calendar to September and suddenly it will be foliage season at high altitude. Some of the images that result may find their way into designs you’ll see in the store.

At Grand Teton National Park and across the mountains into the Teton Valley, the high water levels from record snowfall last winter are still evident. However, the water, which remained opaque from so much fast-moving sediment during the melt, have cleared up. This is fortunate, as us landscape photographers can once again make pictures which include water! The Snake, Teton, and Gros Ventre Rivers are back to picturesque form.

Though the water quality has improved markedly, the air is a different story. As is often the case during the month of August, wildfires burning throughout the Western United States have created a lot of haze. It’s gotten so bad here the last couple days that the mountains are mostly obscured (unless you’re very close to them). Since this is now my third summer here, I’m accustomed to this annual occurrence. It’s still frustrating, but I know to expect it. Fortunately, this phenomenon did not begin until just a few days ago, so I was able to photograph through the end of July.

On my last shoot over at Grand Teton NP, I was able to take advantage of both clear waters and skies – and great cloud production from a monsoonal flow. The same was true when I ventured over to Grand Targhee Ski Resort on the western slope of the Teton Range a little over a week ago.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

The Western Slope of the Teton Range





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