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I suppose I think this every year, but once we get to the Fourth of July, the rest of the summer season seems to accelerate. This is an interesting dichotomy since August is associated with long, lazy, hot summer days. So on the one hand we’ve got the dog days, and on the other, the calendar seems to be sprinting – trying to break a world record! – toward Labor Day.

While the month is going to be exceptionally busy for me, I plan to get my money’s worth out of what’s left of summer! 🙂

The eclipse is on everybody’s mind here in eastern Idaho, as we’re going to be in the path of totality. The region is completely booked – including campgrounds and RV parking – and has been for some time. We’ll be bursting at the seams with visitors from around the world come mid-month. While the national parks here are always crowded this time of year, August 2017 is going to be crazy!

Whether or not you live in the path of totality, everyone in the Northern Hemisphere will have a chance to view the Perseid meteor shower. Unfortunately, we’ll just be coming off of a full moon so the effect will be a bit muted overnight on the 12th (the night during which activity will be at its peak) but I’m still going to head over to Grand Teton National Park to see/photograph the show. Are you planning on watching?

Fire season is upon us in the west, and the skies have started to pick up the haze which is always associated with the month of August. As you can imagine, this has an impact on landscape photography. However, it’s not always a bad thing; the additional “gunk” in the atmosphere can create colorful sunrises and sunsets. We’ll see what the next few weeks brings.

I’ll share images from the great outdoors if I’m fortunate enough to make some good ones.

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