Nubble Light at Daybreak


Last week I opted for a change of venue….moving from Rye, New Hampshire to Cape Neddick, Maine to shoot Nubble light at the beginning of the day.

This necessitated an additional bit of sacrifice in that I have to give myself an additional 15 minutes in the morning to travel the extra distance. This means “wheels up” at 3:45am…which makes for an even longer day.

The first morning was a total bust. I had high hopes since a storm was moving out; however, when I arrived at York, I could see that Cape Neddick was enveloped in dense fog. I turned around and headed back home.

The next day as I left the house, the sky looked promising. Nearing the Cape, I saw bright color developing on the horizon. Arriving at Sohier Park, I jumped out of the car and carefully climbed down over the rocks toward the shore in the darkness. Unfortunately, though at first it looked as though the entire sky would light up, the cloud cover directly overhead was too heavy for that to occur.

Still, for a few minutes, it was quite colorful.

Nubble Light – Cape Neddick, Maine

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