Personalized Pastor Appreciation Plaques – Say Thank You With Style


While it’s wonderful that a special time of the year has been set aside for pastor appreciation, many congregations (and individuals, too) prefer to thank pastor, priest and other members of the ministry team when it’s meaningful to them…regardless of what the calendar says!

They might choose a date that coincides with a ministry anniversary, or a congregational milestone – which, of course, could be any time during the year.

Perhaps it’s a family wanting to show their appreciation following an important event or after having gone through a noteworthy period in their lives – or maybe a young adult who wants to thank special members of the ministry team following confirmation instruction.

Along with their heartfelt thanks, many like to present clergy with something tangible…a keepsake to remember the day. We created our line of personalized pastor appreciation plaques for just this purpose.

While our plaques are used by many people to mark a variety of different occasions, they all have one thing in common – they’re being given to pastors, priests, and others who are very special!

Each one of our pastor appreciation plaques can be personalized especially for the recipient. There are a variety of designs featuring different imagery and Scripture verses, so you can find one that’s a good fit for the person to whom it’ll be given.

Our plaques are all created using premium museum-quality materials – from the inks and paper to the matboard, and even the tape used to mount the artwork! You can be confident that the plaque you purchase will look just as good years from now as it does the day it’s given.

This is just one example of our personalized plaques for clergy:

To view the entire collection, follow this link.

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