First Night – Portsmouth


For many who were lucky enough to have some time off over the holidays, today is back to work and school.

The regular routine beckons as we bid a fond farewell to a special time of year.

It’s still the 12 days of Christmas, though, so perhaps we don’t have to say goodbye just yet! 🙂

First Night – Portsmouth, New Hampshire
North Church and Fireworks

I made this photo on New Year’s Eve. It was already bitterly cold at 7:30pm – the time when the first firework exploded over the skies of Portsmouth, New Hampshire – so the fact that the show lasted only 15 minutes was probably not a bad thing. I couldn’t feel my fingers by the end of the session. Still, the pyrotechnic in me never tires of the sight of fireworks, and I walked away with some photographic souvenirs from the evening.

Happy New Year!

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