Spring is my favorite season, and May is my favorite month.

In the northern part of the country, it’s so exhilarating to watch the landscape awaken from its long winter sleep. Once things get rolling and warmer temperatures finally take hold, the plants and trees come roaring back. One day it’s difficult to make out the buds on the trees…a week later, they’re already large enough for there to be some shade beneath them.

Young maple leaves opening

Many of the flowering trees are blooming, while others are full of buds just ready to open…the rhododendron are beginning to display beautiful flowers…the forsythia are in full color.

It’s impossible for me to look at all the wonderful things happening in nature right now and not feel uplifted.

What beauty!

It’s a shame the show is so fleeting – but then again, that’s probably part of the reason it’s so special.

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