I’m sure you’ll agree that life can be pretty tough sometimes.

Especially when situations become chronic – and you’re left to juggle multiple issues concurrently – there can be days when the stress feels as though it’s unbearable.

Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees: things appear even worse than they really are. Other times, though, our vision is quite clear – and the picture as we see it is accurate, and perhaps somewhat bleak.

Either way, of course, there is always someone out there with problems more serious than our own.

However, knowing that conceptually doesn’t really make whatever it is that’s weighing you down much easier to bear…because that “someone” is often nameless. For example, it’s horrible that people are dying at hands of tyrants, or due to extreme poverty, or for whatever reason. You pray for them. But it’s still an abstraction.

Suddenly, though, something happens to someone close to you. That concept is no longer an abstract notion; it’s reality.

The idea of another person’s troubles being more serious than our own becomes painfully tangible.

You realize that, in spite of whatever great difficulties you are wrestling with, things are still pretty good.

Perspective. It can be quite jarring.

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