The Ides of March


If you paid attention during history class, of course you know the significance of today’s date.

Et tu, Brute?

But if you grew up when – and where – I did, you remember a band by the name of The Ides of March…one of a number of rock groups that hailed from the Chicago area (my home turf!) around that time. (New Colony Six…The Buckinghams…The Cryan’ Shames…Chicago came a bit later and Styx after that)

Like The Cryan’ Shames, The Ides of March had a fair amount of success in Chicago – though weren’t that well known nationally.

And like Chicago, The Ides of March featured a kickin’ horn section.

The band got back together around 1990 and has played quite a bit since that time, though I don’t know if they’re still active.

Whether you’re unfamiliar with Vehicle, or remember it and would like to take a little trip down memory lane, this link will take you to a YouTube recording of a live performance.



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