A Godparent Gift They’ll Cherish


When considering who you’ll choose as your baby’s Godparents, you know it’s an important decision. The bond between Godchild and sponsors is unique – and it’ll last a lifetime. (As Godmother to two nephews, I know this from personal experience. If you’re a Godparent, you know it, too!)

As baptism day approaches, you might want to commemorate it in some manner, thanking the sponsors in a tangible way for the role they’ll play in your child’s life and honoring the relationship you hope will develop between them.

Especially because Godparents tend to be family members or very close cherished friends, a gift that’s more personal is appropriate. (Better yet if it’s also something that can be personalized.)

There are some pretty things on the market…but depending on what you have in mind, options can be somewhat limited.

That┬álack of baptism-related personalized keepsakes to choose from is actually how The Christian Gift came to be! We started by creating baptism-related personalized keepsakes – and went on from there.

Our idea was to create something distinctive that Godparents would be able to keep in a place where it’d be seen – a lovely reminder of both baptism day and the lifelong connection with this special child.

The result? Custom-created plaques, for Godparents, Godfather and Godmother. They’re made with premium museum-quality materials, so they’ll still look “brand new” years from now. A gift that will last for baby’s first friends in faith.

Check them out!

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