Have you seen the public service announcement by this name on television?

Sponsored by the Forest Service and Ad Council, it was introduced earlier this summer. It encourages people to step away from the smart phone…the computer…the Wii…(whatever device they may be spending too much time with)…and get outdoors.

For children, this is especially important. Kids today spend  a whopping 50% less time outside than their counterparts did just 20 years ago. So while you and I probably have some sort of grounding in the great outdoors, that’s not the case for many in the current generation of young people. Not a good thing.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with Facebook…or texting…or gaming…until we become joined at the hip to our gadgets.

Reconnecting with nature is good for the spirit. Even if I go into a hike with a lot of things on my mind, I never come away from it feeling that way. The benefits are reaped whether I’m in an interesting location far from home – or a local haunt. So while national parks and forests are great locations, there are many other options as well.

Try it.

Turn the phone off and head outdoors. You’ll be glad you did.

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