Easter is coming, which means you can’t walk down the seasonal aisle at the grocery store without passing lots of candy.

By the way – is it just me, or does it seem like the Easter candy has been there a LONG time – since just after Valentine’s Day? Good grief…Easter is as late as it can possibly be this year, which means a lot of extra willpower has been required! 🙂

I’m not that big into candy, but I do have a weakness: Reese’s eggs. Yum. I made it until mid-March before breaking down and buying my first one. Now there’s no telling what will happen!

My mom, though, was a big fan of Peeps. You know, those gooey, sugary confections shaped like chicks and bunnies? She used to love it when I’d bring her a package.

Back in the day, yellow chicks were all you could get. In case you’re not a connoisseur, bunnies have since joined the team, and now the little critters are available in a rainbow of colors! Blue, green, lavender, pink, orange…and the old standby, yellow.

I cruised on over to the Peeps website today – and much to my surprise, found out that the product line has grown! You can now get chocolate-covered marshmallow chicks, milk chocoloate-dipped chicks, and chocoloate mousse-flavored bunnies! Who knew? (Oh – I almost forgot “Peepsters.” Those are bite-sized chocolate-covered marshmallow concoctions.)

It’s a cute site, complete with recipes! Here’s the link if you want to check it out:

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