Timeless Advice


In the pages of a recent copy of the Iowa Alumni Magazine (that being the University of Iowa, my alma mater), I found an excerpt from the school’s 1939-40 “Code for Co-eds” which I found interesting. Some 70 years later, this exceptionally sound guidance is as valid now as the day it was written. For example: … Continued

church spire

On Finding Treasures Along the Way


I like to photograph churches…inside (especially stained glass windows) and out, old and new, traditional and contemporary. A few summers ago I was back home in Chicago for a visit and decided to head down to check out Starved Rock State Park. This nearly 2400 acre park is located on the banks of the Illinois River … Continued

God’s Victorious Love


I’ve written previously about Corrie Ten Boom, the Dutch Christian woman who, along with her family, rescued many Jewish people from the Nazis during World War II. Corrie, her sister, brother, father and nephew were all eventually arrested; Corrie and her sister ended up in Ravensbrück concentration camp. All but Corrie died as a result … Continued

open Bible

Thoughts on the Bible


The concept of separation of church and state has become so twisted these days that its true intent has nearly been lost. It’s not separation FROM but separation OF; there’s a big difference. Anyway. I’ve found a number of great quotes by our Founders and other historial American figures having to do with the Bible. The … Continued