About Our Frames

When ordering your artwork, you'll have a choice of frames (or you can select the "frame ready" option - pick the exact frame to match your decor at your local frame shop).

Whichever frame you select, it'll be finished with a protective dust cover and wall guards on the back. (This short video will explain more.)

Immediately below are the frames we use for the majority of our artwork. They have clean lines and a timeless design. Clockwise from above left: pearl (white), gold, black, and walnut. (Outer dimensions roughly 10"x12" - scroll down for a closer look at the moldings.)

 photo Full-frames_zpsmoyj9kwn.jpg

 photo Frame-corners-450_zpsasmb52dw.jpg


A word about glazing...all of our artwork is mounted with acylic glazing. Acrylic is as transparent as the finest optical glass, with measured light transmission qualities ideally suited for framing. We use it for a number of reasons: it's distortion free, it has considerable UV protection properties, and it's much more shatter resistant and lighter than glass. The latter two qualities are especially important as they keep shipping costs down and nearly eliminate the risk of damage in transit.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us.


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